Check Out the Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon 45mm from Hublot Watches

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Hublot Watches Is Going to Woo Some Watch Lovers Through Their “Classic Fusion” Collection

Hublot Watches has made a name for its watches among its ardent fans. But, this luxury watchmaker is a polarizing figure and is highly likely to keep many watch lovers from purchasing their products. Now, Hublot Watches is trying to woo these people who are unlikely to wear the watches from the stable. They are likely to succeed in their attempt through their Classic Fusion collection. As is the story with their past creations, this collection is also going to generate opposing viewpoints. Many people who love to check out the creations from Hublot Watches are unlikely to wear them on their wrists.

People who never worn the skeletonized models from Hublot Watches on their wrists before are likely to look at Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon 45mm model and at least think about purchasing them. Those of you participated in SIHH 2013 may have noticed many horologists at the event sporting various Classic Fusion versions. The latest model with a 42mm size is highly likely to please the traditional minded watch lovers. At the same time, the true blue gene of Hublot Watches is clearly visible in the collection.

Hublot Watches Presents the Best Model in the “Classic Fusion” Collection

The Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon is the best model in the collection. As the king of the collection, it deserves the price tag that hovers above the hundred thousand dollar mark. If you are not fond of this price, you can look for non-tourbillon models that are available at a much lower price point. The tourbillon model is quite big with a 45 mm wide case. But, the thickness of the case is only 9 mm and is going to fit well on macho wrists. Hublot Watches came out with two versions of the model in titanium and ceramic. The watch movement incorporated in to both of these models is built in-house by the watchmaker.

hublot watches

Hublot Watches Add a Macho Touch with the 45mm cases

Hublot Watches came out with the Classic Fusion collection in or around 2010 and later introduced various versions of the collection. Basically, they incorporated the design aesthetics of their creations from the 80’s with macho cases and came out with the collection. Horologists who love big watches definitely love these models that came with 45mm cases. They love the finesse of both the titanium as well as the ceramic versions.

The watch movement HUB6010 is powering the titanium model and the HUB1300 is taking control of the ceramic version. Here, the former is 4 mm thick and the latter 2.6 mm thick. Both watch movements need to be wound manually. The titanium version with 120 hour power reserve can run for a little more time than the 90 hours power reserve of the ceramic version. The watch strap has elements of rubber as well as alligator materials incorporated in them.

If you want to own one of the 50 pieces among the titanium version of the limited edition Classic Fusion Skeleton Tourbillon, it will cost you around $92K. One of the 99 limited edition pieces among the ceramic version from Hublot Watches will cost you approximately $98K.