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Hublot is an extremely well-known Swiss watch manufacturer. Hublot lacks deep rooted history in watchmaking like other powerhouse brands. Their history began in 1980 with Carlo Crocco. Crocco created the first Hublot gold watch. Currently Hublot is known for making the most expensive wristwatches in the world and for providing custom clocks for Carnegie Hall.

Crocco grew up in an Italian family of horologists. In 1980 he established MDM Geneve. His goal was simple. He wanted to create watches of original design that would be sought out by people all over the world. He ignored trends and in the process created his own style. Crocco’s gold watch was the first ever to use a rubber strap. At first people were hesitant about the practicality of combining luxury with a sporty rubber strap. After they tried it on they were sold. The rubber strap is the most comfortable material for wristwatches. It conforms perfectly to the wearer’s wrist and is extremely lightweight. The gold watch marked the birth of the fusion concept for Hublot. In fact, Hublot only uses rubber for making straps. Not all of the straps look sporty either. Many of the Hublot wristwatches have a classic, leather-like strap design.

Hublot has continued to keep to its traditions and values as a company. In doing so they have become among the most popular and sought watch manufacturers despite their fairly new presence in the industry. Collectors adore Hublot watches for their quality, innovation, fusion, and unique concepts. Every good collection needs a Hublot watch in it, preferably the one that started it all: The gold Hublot wristwatch. Hublot is truly a luxury brand with pricing starting in the high luxury range.

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