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HYT H1 Titane Black DLC Watch Won Innovation Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

The recently concluded the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012 is like the mecca of watch making. Here, the best aspects of horology are selected by the experts in the field as well as the general public. This year, the coveted grand prix came out with the list of notable innovations and achievements in horology during the year. HYT H1 Titane Black DLC was given the innovation prize for the year.

If you haven’t seen or heard about this watch before, you must check it out. In fact, this watch can be looked at as the equivalent of creation of fire, electricity, electric bulb etc. for the very first time. Here, the watch maker succeeded in creating a unique feat by introducing liquid time keeping for the first time. You probably thought that that the objective was to keep water out of the watch, as is commonly referred to in advertisements of divers’ watches! HYT is doing the opposite and using the liquid in the watch to show the time.

Vincent Perriard, the CEO of HYT is excited about the new watch from the firm. The watch uses the luminescent liquid filled in a circular tube around the dial to display time. The liquid is pushed and pulled in to position on the scale with the help of two bellows. The watch movement is responsible for moving the bellows. There is a dedicated minutes sub dial in the center of the watch. A seconds sub dial is located to the left of the minutes sub dial. Again, the dial has a power reserve indicator towards its right.

This watch is a first of its kind and its creators have filed multiple patents for the various technologies devised by them. Some of the best minds in watch design, watch movement creation etc. worked together with HYT to come up with the final product. Famous Swiss firms like Preciflex and Chronode were part of the team that made this watch and its unique technology in to a reality. When you try to adjust the time on this watch, you will really enjoy the experience as well as the visuals.

The H1 is a bulky watch that is certain to make you the center of attraction of any function that you participate in. Very few people know anything about the HYT H1 watch and everyone else is likely to be curious to know about your watch. As the fluid in the watch is going to gain you unnecessary attention at airports, you may have to end up explaining the watch and its functions to the agents! On second thought, people who can afford a $45,000 watch are likely to be travelling by their own private jets.

The watch has a power reserve of 65 hours and you can see the watch’s movement in action through the case back.

With such an innovative idea of liquid incorporated in to the watch, the HYT H1 Titane Black DLC deserves the innovation prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012.

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