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Ice Tek

Ice Tek, owned by Dan Pasterneck, is a private company with a single location in New York, New York and quite popular among star athletes and marquee celebrities. It was established in 2003 and almost immediately became the official sponsor for several National Basketball Association teams such as the Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons, a decision that successfully resulted in a symbiotic relationship between the two presenting wonderful opportunities regarding television and radio spots hosting contests and giveaways. At that time, their newest collection was the Quintempo II; a five-time-zone watch equipped with 6.5 carats of diamond and has a moderate number of variations. Currently, the Ice Tek series with the highest number of variations is the Classic Chrono, the one with the least being Yin Yang. In general, their watches have assertive angles incorporated into their design and cost around $700.00 to $3,000.00 with exceptions. The overall look of each one exudes its own unique personality.

Ice Tek watches are renowned for being especially luminous and radiant with generous applications of precious stones (diamonds in particular). Brilliant color is a well-developed theme for most of its series. The name itself is heavily associated with fashion and satisfies those who seek high technology. A good example of this would be the Steel Master Chrono model which has a removable bezel.

Overall Ice Tek is a newcomer in the watch industry that will appeal to individuals seeking unique, and independent labels. If you are looking for a fun, fashionable, and one of a kind wrist watch check out Ice Tek.

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