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Ikepod was founded in 1993 by Oliver Ike and originally specialized in conceptual timepieces. The Seaslug was its first prototype wristwatch. There is a distinct combination of influences from Australia and Switzerland in Ikepod watches. They are mostly designed by Marc Newson but he has collaborated with other artists such as Jeff Koons. Aesthetically, their watches tend to be elegantly simple. The Hemipode is likely their most famous model which is incredibly smooth, built with a modified Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement, and comes in a case of steel, gold, or platinum, the latter known to be sold for over $50,000.00.  Perfection of symmetry is the main focus with most Ikepod models. They also offer an aviator-type model called the Megapode equipped with a rotating slide-rule bezel and are available in titanium for about $17,000.00.

Many models are praised for having clean, clever clasps. Alexandre David, the former distributor for Ikepod, is now the CEO, and the company is considered to have been recently revived. Newer models have transcended the pursuit of simplicity to the extent that they almost seem to achieve beauty in sheer cleanliness and being minimalistic. They allow the wearer to merely watch time go by in order to pass it. Ikepod wristwatches are also known for being extremely lightweight and comfortable on the wrist.

They produce about 300 watches per year and one can only be bought at the most exclusive or best dealers. This is an exclusive, luxury watch brand that will be appreciated by serious watch enthusiasts. The Ikepod brand specializes in time. They even produce haute hourglasses. If you are seeking a rare, one of a kind wristwatch or hourglass for that matter, check out Ikepod.

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