Is That Rolex a Fake?

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Rolex is a really popular brand, and everyone can recognize it quickly and easily.  But can you tell if that Rolex you’re getting at a really good price is a fake?  Keep on reading and you’ll be able to tell.

A genuine Rolex is not a light watch.  It is actually quite heavy.  But a replica of a Rolex will feel very light weight.  If you are holding a Rolex that looks massive but feels light, then it probably is a fake.  Another sign that a Rolex is not genuine, and this one is widely known, is by looking at the seconds hand of the watch.  The seconds hand should have a sweeping motion rather that a ticking motion, and if you put the fake watch to your ear you can also hear the ticking sound.  The motion should be smooth and not rigid.

A genuine Rolex watch will have a date window, and also a glass bubble over the date window that will act as a magnifying glass.  The number in the window will be enlarged.  If the date number is still small then the bubble is not magnifying the numbers under it and is not genuine.  In a real Rolex the number will enlarge to fill up the bubble.

Also, around the year 2000, Rolex began to etch a crown on the crystal at the six o’clock position.  It is not easy to see as you need to hold the Rolex at a particular angle, but if you do see it that is a good sign.

If you want to go even further, you can also ask the salesperson if it is possible to take out the strap.  On the case, and usually covered by the strap at the twelve o’clock position, is the number of the model.  It should also have an inscription that says Original Rolex Design.  On the other side of the case, at the six o’clock position, is the serial number, which indicates the manufacturing year.

If you also decide to check the movement inside the case, you must see that everything is perfect in there.   If there is something misaligned, or does not look real, then you need to pay attention to that.  The details and the lettering on the dial should be clear and perfect as well.

I hope this was useful!!  Let me know.  Remember this is just general advice and is by no means an expert opinion or evaluation.

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