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IWC is a beloved luxury watch company based in Switzerland. It has a unique history. Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American, traveled to Switzerland to begin the International Watch Company. He created the first watch manufacturing factory in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The brand still incorporates Jones creative spirit and ambitious nature.

IWC is probably most known for their famous line of Pilot watches. They began manufacturing this line back in World War II. Vintage Pilot models are highly sought out and precious pieces for any watch collection. IWC’s 1955 Ingenieur wristwatch was considered the most advanced watch of its time. Famous mountain climber Edmund Hillary wore the Ingenieur on his highest climbs which helped gain media attention for the brand. Soon after the successful release of the Ingenieur IWC released the Aquatimer; another fine wristwatch aimed at sports enthusiasts.

IWC is also known for their passion for innovation. They were the first brand to utilize titanium in wristwatches. Most companies believed it wasn’t possible and considered titanium too difficult of a material to work with. Collectors value IWC wristwatches for their luxurious nature, innovation, style, and complications. IWC wristwatches begin at a mid-range luxury price with some watch models starting at the $8,000 range.

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