Jack Heuer’s TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch

Jack Heuer’s TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch

Tag Heuer was ahead of his fellow watch makers in many ways. One of the most notable aspects of this is the presence of Jack Heuer. His legacy in the history of the watch maker is a very important one. In fact, Tag Heuer has launched a limited edition watch to celebrate the 80th birthday of the legendary watch maker, Jack Heuer. TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch was created for this purpose. On this occasion, Jack chose to retire from his association with the watch as well. Still, he will be seen wearing a Tag Heuer on many occasions.

Jack Heuer has been working with the family owned firm for the last 60 years or more. In 1958, he began his career as an engineer at the firm that was originally created by his great grandfather Edouard Heuer in the year 1860. That was the prime time of mechanical watches and was the only type of watches available in the market. Electronic watches arrived in to the market much later. In those days, watch makers were actively fighting it out among themselves to come up with the newest types of sport watches for various activities like running, racing, space travel etc. Jack Heuer was the back bone of the company in those decades.

Carrera Jack Heuer 80 Edition watch has certain elements of watch making imbibed in to it. This is the watch worn by the famous watch maker on his wrists. The case back of the watch has his signature in red color. Again, the case back features the crest of the Heuer family on it. A caliber 17 movement is running the watch.

Is there any significant difference between the original watch and this limited edition model? Other than the colors and the number of registers (the newer one has 2 registers in place of the three registers for the original one) they are pretty much the same. The unique styling associated with the design aesthetics incorporated in to the case and dial are retained in the newer version as well. The vintage watches from Heuer from the 60s had a charm of their own and are on par with the exquisite watches from brands like Omega as well as Rolex.

The leather strap with black color has red inner lining to add to its attractiveness. It provides it with the look and feel of lingerie worn by a sexy lady! The strap design itself adds a lot to the overall aesthetics of the watch and can be considered as the unique selling point of the watch. The watch does come with a steel bracelet as well. But, the leather one is the better version of the two. This does not mean the bracelet is not up to the mark. If possible, purchase both the leather strap and the steel bracelet. Both of them are worth spending the money on.

Jack Heuer’s TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch is available for $ 4,900 and only 3000 of them are created for sale.

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