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Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co. is an outstanding watch company that is considered a newcomer in the industry. They’ve been around for slightly over 25 years yet have gain incredible amounts of media and international attention. Jacob & Co. has truly revolutionized the art of watchmaking. They offer fresh styles for men and women and superior quality.

Jacob & Co.  has an immense celebrity following. In fact, if you visit their website you can see just a few pictures of the many celebrities wearing their watches or jewelry. This company is incredibly diverse and creative in their design and styling. There is literally a watch available for any personality. From classic and simple, all gold face dial, glamorous night sky face, retro and multicolored, to metropolitan chic, everyone can find a wristwatch that they will fall in love with.

All of their wristwatches come with a humble two year warranty. These are high end luxury wristwatches with some prices exceeding $100,000. If you are a serious collector looking for a dynamic, fresh piece to add to your collection look no further. If you are simply looking to make a statement and own a watch that celebrities boast at red carpet events, look no further. Jacob & Co. wristwatches will win you over with their unique and creative wristwatches.

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