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Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz is a Swiss Luxury watch company with deep roots in horology and innovation. He began his work in 1768 and originally created advanced animated dolls that are often referred to as “Jaquet Droz’s Androids”. The dolls were incredibly advanced for their time and even gained popularity among royalty. Droz proved is capabilities with his animated dolls and moved on to use them to help in his watchmaking business.

Jaquet Droz truly was a mechanical master. His dolls could legibly write, draw, and even do magic tricks. Some played instruments. Droz displayed his dolls to attract customers to his other passion which was watchmaking. Watchmaking are animated dolls both require immense mechanical understanding, compiling, and skill. Droz began producing watches that combined automata for truly delightful pieces. Many of his pieces are held in museums all over the globe. Jaquet Droz invented the concept of the Grande Seconde in 1785. The seconds hand provided the most accurate method of the time. Even today it is still regarded as one of the most accurate methods.

As of 2000, Swatch owns Jaquet Droz and has taken the brand back to its rightful home in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. Swatch has kept the spirit of Jaquet Droz alive through innovative design and a pioneering spirit. The brand continues to produce specialty watches based on original Droz concepts such as the signing bird automata clock. For a truly outstanding watch, don’t hesitate to check out Jaquet Droz.

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