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Jean Marcel

Jean Marcel is a wonderful watchmaking company whose wristwatches boast incredible value for the price. Jean Marcel has been creating exceptional wristwatches since the 1920’s. The watches they create are incredibly stylish and have as much personality as the wearer.

This Swiss watch company has a modest assortment of men’s wristwatches. They stick with what they do best and don’t overdo it. Simplicity and elegance could easily define Jean Marcel. Five different watch styles are currently available. They are the Clarus, Semper, Gravis, Novarum, and the Planum. All except the Planum are wristwatches. The Planum is a modernized and immensely sophisticated pocket watch for individuals seeking classic staples to their collection. In fact, all of these wristwatches could be considered staple pieces that you will want to wear time and time again.

Jean Marcel wristwatches are incredibly affordable. With prices starting in the $3,000 range just about anyone could be able to treat themselves to an immaculate wristwatch. All of the models have several different material and/or color options available so that you can find the right style to fit your personality. This is a high quality brand aimed at pleasing the masses. These wristwatches could easily be sold for double the price yet are modestly priced lower so everyone can enjoy a luxury, Swiss made watch.

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