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JeanRichard Terrascope & 1681

JeanRichard is a watch maker who attained its current position through hard work and dedication to their creations. The well-known watchmaker is not known for its flashy ways to gain attention. The watches that came out of the brand gained their place due to their accuracy, finesse and modern design aesthetics incorporated in them. The lack of excessive hype on their part does not affect their sales numbers. They are a notable part of the internationally acclaimed watchmaking fraternity.

JR1000 is the latest watch movement created from the house of JeanRichard. They worked on this in house design for the past many years to make it in to a dream watch movement. Their research and development wing in the La Chaux De-Fonds hills is responsible for achieving this breakthrough innovation. From now on, this watch movement would be the powerhouse behind their newer watch designs. This way, they need not depend on other brands to provide them with watch movements,

Again, the watch maker is redesigning their collection of watches in its entirety. One of the watches among them is the 1681 that got its name due to the year the watchmaker started his business with the creation of its very first watch model. The asking price of the 1681 is $ 6,400. The watch is 44 mm in size and is on par with the other models from the watch maker. The vintage nature of the watch can be seen clearly from the lacquered dial, the rhodium plated hands as well as indices, and the small seconds at 9 O’ clock position. The ostrich strap of the watch blends perfectly with its all other features as well as shades. The honey brown color of the strap is the perfect fit for the model.

Those of you who are not lovers of vintage watches do have another JeanRichard watch to choose from. The JeanRichard Terrascope is the watch we are talking about. In fact, the watch maker came up with this collection of watches as an effort on their part to showcase mama nature and its various aspects for their customers. Unlike the vintage nature of the 1681, this $ 3,500 model has the look and feel of a modern day tool watch. It can protect water damage up to a depth of 100 meters and is crafted in their typical case size, 44 mm. The Steel case and the satin dial add to the sport watch like features of the model. The use of sufficient lume on the central indicator of the dial makes it comfortable on your eyes, especially in darkness. This 70ish watch is available in black, white, silver and beige colors and has a nicely tapered bracelet to make it in to a good watch. The bracelets are available in rubber as well as steel.

A self-winding JR60 watch caliber created by JeanRichard’s own technicians is running the operations in the watch and can run continuously for up to 42 hours at a stretch.

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