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Joan Boyce

Joan Boyce is a fantastic jewelry designer who has recently ventured into making women’s wristwatches. Her watches are wonderfully feminine and affordable. Her style of design is seen on every watch.

Joan Boyce has successfully combined jewelry and watches into fine creations that any women could afford. With prices starting at just $50 there is no excuse not to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury. Her eye-catching gem placement will have you showered in compliments. Her speciality is cuff bracelet watches. These gorgeous creations boast dazzling jewels in different tones such as gold, silver, and even bright colors.

From glamorous to classic, Joan Boyce has a style that any age group could enjoy. Her more elegant styles feature a crocodile print leather strap in the color of your choice and various face styles. All of her watches are accented with jewels to some degree. For women just starting their venture into the watch world this is a great starter brand that you will love. Besides the glitz and glam of Joan Boyce wristwatches, they start at prices that simply can’t be beat.

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