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Kent Wang Bauhaus Watch

Kent Wang is launching a watch that certainly has the look and feel of a watch from the times before the arrival of quartz watches. The Bauhaus is a very reasonably priced watch that has elements of modern and tradition incorporated in to it in equal measure.

This watch is based on a German watch design from a century back. At that time, there was a design school in Germany with the name Bauhaus. They were responsible for the creation of the Swiss Railway Clock and the Max Bill watch.

Kent Wang got the inspiration to create the watch after a visit to the Barcelona Pavilion. This pavilion was created based on Bauhaus concept and has stood the test of time. The creator of the watch is also hoping that his watch will follow on its famous namesake’s footsteps.

The watch has a diameter of 42 mm which is a bit unusual for the watches in its category. There is no clutter that holds you back from reading time. Other than the three hands, a small date window and the hash marks for minutes and hours, there is absolutely nothing else on the dial. Have you ever seen a watch without its logo or name on its dial? If not, this is your chance to see one. In fact, the entire watch does not have its name or logo at any place on it. According to its creator, well dressed men are unlikely to carry any brand names or logo on their clothes. He is helping them with a watch that is devoid of any brand names or logos!

The work horse behind the watch is a BWAF movement that is made in China. It has a power reserve that can last up to 40 hours of time. The transparent case back will let you take a peek at the movement in action.

The price of the Kent Wang Bauhaus is $ 350 and is a good deal for the price. The fact that the watch features a mechanical movement, it is a brand new version of an old watch design and it has a sapphire crystal make it in to a great deal for the money. You can purchase these watches online from Kent Wang’s ecommerce store.

Some of you may not be impressed by the simple nature of the watch. Some others who are used to seeing the logo and brand name of the watch always can be disappointed by the lack of these features. In fact, being used to seeing the brand name all the time, they may be incapable of accepting a watch without one!

Is the Chinese movement going to affect the popularity of the model? Some watch lovers are known to wear Swiss models only. Being fanatic about their preference, they may avoid purchasing this watch. At the same time, it is not a fair thing to do on their part to deny the watch a chance to succeed only for being a Chinese production. Give Kent Wang Bauhaus a try and you are highly likely to love it.

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