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Keysay – an uneasy watch from José Manuel Otero

Spanish designer José Manuel Otero has recently created a watch model that would definitely arise curiosity among geniuses, mathematicians, or people for whom any watch is just a stylish accessory, and not a useful device for time identification. New watch model is called Keysay, and only those people who know what symbols and signs correspond to figures on the display could detect exact time.

Having seen the display of this watch, it is possible to think that it works faulty. Instead of hands or hour indexes, it shows a sign of e-mail, a bracket, an exclamation mark, mathematical symbols, any kind of mark that cannot be perceived as designation of time – even of long periods such as days or months. Indeed this masterpiece of José Manuel Oterois is not that we could expect from traditional watch.

In fact all the symbols on the display are not casual. Many can print texts blindly, remembering, where what letter, what sign or a symbol is located. Yet even these skills will not help to remember quickly, what number corresponds to this or that sign.

To open secrets and solve rebuses is very interesting, but such watch is extremely inconvenient for an ordinary person. However, José Manuel Otero expected such reaction from potential owners. For this reason he provided Keysay with possibility to be switched from a mode of symbols and signs to a quite a traditional mode of time identification.

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