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Konstantin Chaykin Quartime Watch

Most people look at the day as four quartets namely morning, noon, evening and night. They do not necessarily look at the day or the time as say 12 O’ clock PM or 6 O’ clock AM. For them, it is either morning, noon, evening or night. Konstantin Chaykin understood this aspect well and incorporated it in to his latest watch design. This self-taught watch maker from Russia incorporated four sections of the day in to his watches. They are morning, day, evening and night. Again, he named the watch based on this aspect of the watch. It is called the Konstantin Chaykin Quartime.

Human beings like to look at time as parts of the day that are easy for them to understand, based on the commonly used terms. Chaykin understands this very well and made this in to an integral feature of his new watch. The watch does have a feature that lets you see the time of the day as either one of the four sections namely morning, day, evening and night. Each of these sections is comprised of 6 hour long sections. What a beautiful concept on the watch maker’s part!

The watch dial has six gold plated sections for displaying the quartets. When it is time for a segment of the day (morning, day, evening or night) to end, the watch movement changes it to the next quartet. Bluish hands located at the middle of the watch dial display time accurately. A small seconds hand is located at 9 O’ clock position. The 40 mm watch case made of rose gold gels perfectly with the features of the dial.

Konstatin Chaykin has had his fair share of success with unique watch dials in the past like the Lunokhod watch with its impressive 50 mm case and the macho lugs that goes with it. It received a lot of attention due to the stylish moon phase indication incorporated in to it.

Another one of intriguing watch designs from Konstatin Chaykin is the Levitas collection that has see-through front and rear sections that really amazed its owners with a surreal feeling.

How did this watch maker gain his skills and knowledge? You must be thinking that Konstatin Chaykin could be the heir of a family owned watch house or one who is a disciple of some famous watch maker that everyone is aware of. If you really thought so, you are too far away from truth. This watch maker do not have any relationship with any watch brands; either genetic or business related. He did not attend any watch making schools, colleges or polytechnics. He learned about watches and mastered the craft of watch making on his own. He sifted through watch manuals and got to the bottom of the watch making process. This independent watch maker has been making amazing watches from the year 2004 at a very fast pace. One of the interesting aspects of his success is the fact that he is based in Russia, far off from the watch making centers in Europe.

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