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Krieger is a Swiss watch company that is considered one of the most prestigious brands in world among haute horology. The company began with Ira Krieger and a rather interesting story. According to him he was inspired to create outstanding time pieces when he was caught off guard by a rising tide during a family boating trip. The tide prevented his family from going through a bridge in order to get back to the marina. In an effort to seemingly get revenge at the tide Krieger set out to create a superior tidal watch because of the lack of them in the market.

The end result was the creation of the first intelligent watch that could accurately predict high and low tides. Krieger’s Tidal Chronograph wristwatch is driven my minute gears. It featured a ruby red icon that depicted the moon. Krieger started his company after the success of his tidal wristwatch. Core values of this brand include noticeable luxury and incredible style combined with accurate functions.

Surpsingly for a haute horology brand the wristwatches are affordable. Many models begin around $1,500 with some reaching upwards of $11,000. The famous Tidal watch is surprisingly affordable considering its usefulness. Krieger is a brand that offers fashionable wristwatches for both men and women. This is an exciting company that is rapidly gaining popularity. The Tidal Chronograph is a fantastic watch for any serious collection among their other models.

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