Ladies Fine Watches with Silk and Embroidery Dials

Luxury watch brands are getting more and more creative with each passing year. Nevertheless, some manufacturers go even further, producing true masterpieces of both Haute Horlogerie and creative art. We already wrote about cool watches for men with wood dials that are sure to become a real gem of any collection. But what about ladies fine watches? In fact, there are many artistic timepieces created specifically for women, each with its own distinctive character and style. However, you will hardly find a more feminine watchmaking trend than watches with embroidery, lace, and silk dials. Here are several examples of these amazing fine watches you should keep in mind when choosing a perfect ladies timepiece.

1. Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Fluo Hot Pink

Glamorous and sexy at the same time, the Hublot Big Bang Broderie is an embodiment of femininity. This is especially true for the Sugar Skull Fluo Hot Pink model that features a fantastic carbon fiber dial covered with a layer of black silk and decorated with pink embroidery. All this beauty is enclosed in a 41mm black ceramic case topped by a precious bezel with 36 pink sapphires and complemented by a black rubber and silk strap that is also adorned with pink embroidery for a complete look.

Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Fluo Hot Pink

2. Harry Winston Premier Precious Weaving Automatic

Created with the use of the rare Japanese weaving technique, the Harry Winston Premier Precious Weaving Automatic is another perfect example of ladies fine watches with artistic faces. This particular model comes in a 36mm 18k rose gold case, with bezel and lugs decorated with 74 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.47 carats. However, its most eye-catching part is the dial, which is distinguished by a Chrysanthemum flower motif made from silk woven with thin slivers of mother-of-pearl.

Harry Winston Premier Precious Weaving Automatic

3. Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Camelia with Lesage Embroidery

This Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Camelia with a gentle couture embroidery dial decorated with the iconic camellia branch, glass beads, and fine pearls perfectly combines the best watchmaking traditions with the excellence of the artistic crafts. The watch itself comes in a 37.5mm 18k beige gold case topped by a diamond-set bezel.

Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Camelia with Lesage Embroidery

There are actually many fine ladies watches with silk, lace, and embroidery dials. All of them are unique creations able to adorn the wrist of any woman. You simply need to find that special one that suits your character and style best!