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Lavender-Inspired Acrylic Paintings by Vian Borchert at Lichtundfire

Nature is the most beautiful thing we have. And it is only in the power of a talented artist to reveal its authentic magnificence and impeccable purity. If a picturesque abstract landscape makes your heart beat faster and floral motifs capture your imagination, then you should definitely get acquainted with a series of brand-new acrylic paintings by Vian Borchert. In this series, the internationally acclaimed abstract expressionist artist pays homage to the beauty of lavender fields, which inspired her to create something uniquely new. Vian Borchert’s Lavender Fields paintings are now featured at “In Full Bloom,” a group exhibition hosted by Lichtundfire, New York.

Lavender-Inspired Acrylic Paintings by Vian Borchert

“Imagine Lavender Fields” (2021) by Vian Borchert

Lavender-inspired acrylic paintings by Vian Borchert

There is nothing compared to the soft and soothing lavender color and the amazing scent of this Mediterranean evergreen plant. For Vian Borchert, lavender has become especially important in the COVID-19 times. During quarantine, the artist planted lavender in her garden, which allowed her not only to fully enjoy the natural brilliance of the plant but also to experience its unique ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Vian Borchert also visited a number of scenic lavender fields that are now a staple of many new farms around the country. Lavender’s beautiful purple color has eventually become the basis for a new series of paintings created by the artist specifically for Lichtundfire’s new exhibition celebrating the floral bloom.

Lavender-Inspired Acrylic Paintings by Vian Borchert

“Lavender Shadows” (2021) by Vian Borchert

Vian Borchert’s Lavender Fields series of acrylic paintings features three distinct works: “Lavender Fields Forever,” “Lavender Shadows,” and “Imagine Lavender Fields.” Each one is a bold and successful experiment in which the artist goes beyond the square, pushing the boundaries of the fields to the outer stretched canvas. Using this new approach to painting, Vian Borchert allows the viewer to get a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent lavender fields that fascinate with their beauty and color.

Fun fact: the titles of the new acrylic paintings by Vian Borchert were inspired by the Beatles and John Lennon’s songs that the artist admires greatly.

Lavender-Inspired Acrylic Paintings by Vian Borchert

“Lavender Fields Forever” (2021) by Vian Borchert

If you want to join Vian Borchert in her journey to lavender fields, be sure to visit Lichtundfire’s “In Full Bloom” exhibition in New York. It is on view through August 20, 2021.

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