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Leo Watches

Leo is a relatively new brand in the wristwatch industry. It is owned by GuardianLion Company. The company isn’t a luxury brand, nor do they create dress wristwatches for men or women. It is a truly revolutionary company that has hit the media by storm.

The Leo wristwatch was made with safety in mind. The watch is meant to protect the wearer from harm essentially. The Leo wristwatch is aimed at children although anyone could find it incredibly useful. It has incredible features and truly is an innovative piece. The watch is equipped with GPS tracking, a cell phone, and a panic button. This is ideal for children and parents will find that it brings them great peace of mind.

The watch features a simple design that even young children could easily understand. It has up and down arrows which allow the user to explore their contacts list. It has a send call and end call similar to that of a cell phone. It also features a signal strength indicator. Two panic buttons rest on each side of the dial yet serve the function. They both send a call to 911. The design of the watch keeps all conditions in mind. It is completely waterproof, especially the speaker for the phone feature. The watch also features a locking mechanism. The Leo wristwatch keeps the carelessness of children in mind.

The watch comes with software that parents or guardians can install in the phone or computer. The software is a multi-billion dollar GPS tracking system that shows where your child is on easy to read maps, features customer service, and also alerts you. The software will alert a parent if the child is traveling at a fast rate, such as if they were kidnapped. It also alerts when the child leaves a location. In conclusion the Leo wristwatch is a parent’s dream come true. It insures the safety of your loved ones while giving you peace of mind. You can pre-order your Leo wristwatch online.


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