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Limitless Abstract Art by Gisela Gaffoglio

There are many things for which people love abstractions in paintings. Abstract art enables artists to go beyond the tangible world and artfully captivate the imagination of viewers. This is a meticulously tailored veil between reality and dream, transcending from the finite into the infinite.

All the things you love about abstraction can be found in the work of the talented Argentinian artist Gisela Gaffoglio, whose paintings embody exceptional dynamic and gestural style. Let’s plunge into the world of figurative shapes and forms by this amazing contemporary master!

Limitless Abstract Art by Gisela Gaffoglio

“El pueblo encantado” by Gisela Gaffoglio

Limitless and dynamic abstract art by Gisela Gaffoglio

Gisela Gaffoglio is a prize-winning Argentinian painter working with abstractions. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966. The artist spent her entire childhood being involved in a range of art activities, including dance, theater, music, and painting. The latter has become her core work and main direction of her entire life.

Limitless Abstract Art by Gisela Gaffoglio

“That amazing city port” by Gisela Gaffoglio

As of today, Gisela Gaffoglio’s collection consists of an extensive number of beautiful abstract art pieces that have been presented at numerous collective and solo exhibitions and art fairs worldwide, including the well-known curated contemporary art show Spectrum Miami.

Limitless Abstract Art by Gisela Gaffoglio

“Un poco de color” by Gisela Gaffoglio

Paintings by Gisela Gaffoglio are full of freedom, with the strokes seemingly going beyond the borders of canvases right into space. A variety of colors mixed with a peerless technique impregnate the subconscious so that viewers start feeling the rhythm and the pace of Gaffoglio’s artworks. It is a truly immersive experience that is hard to compare with anything else.

Limitless Abstract Art by Gisela Gaffoglio

“Princesa del plata” by Gisela Gaffoglio

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the public did not have a chance to witness Gisela Gaffoglio’s exhibition “Princesa del Plata.” 15 large-scale works were going to be shown at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires this past May. The artist and her husband, who is a music composer, even created an amazing tango song devoted to the exhibition. Hopefully, we all will be able to see the postponed art show of the Argentinian master once the COVID-19 pandemic finally recedes.

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