Lionel Thomas: Captivating Art Inspired by Music

Lionel Thomas: Captivating Art Inspired by Music

Even with the development of knowledge about art, many artistic notions remain a mystery yet to discover. One of such things is the source of inspiration from which artists derive their motivation and energy. Despite the loads of various ways to get inspired, there is one unique that makes the painter create unimaginably captivating art. We are now talking about music.

The world of music and the world of art have been indissoluble in terms of their joint internal value and potency. Although these worlds are perpetual, only a few artists embarked on finding the perfect harmony between music and art. The hero we are proud to introduce to you is Lionel Thomas, an art prodigy who has managed to unite the depth of time and the softness of painting into captivating art.

Lionel Thomas

A brief note on Lionel Thomas

Today, the French-born artist Lionel Thomas is an embodiment of musician in visual art. However, his artistic path was not easy. Being an ambitious child, he decided to enter a local art school, but his dreams were not meant to come true. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was rejected due to the age limits.

That did not stop the young artist but rather encouraged him to continue. And after years of sustained efforts, Lionel Thomas sold his first paintings. Soon after that, his works were exhibited at “Art Up,” Lille’s largest contemporary art exhibition. Now, Thomas is working on discovering new horizons of his unparalleled art style in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Lionel Thomas: Captivating Art Inspired by Music

Abstract art inspired by music

The fundamental reason for the popularity and widespreadness of Thomas’ captivating art is the sheer novelty we feel when looking at his paintings. Behind his abstract artworks, we see not only a painter, who is painting, but also two more entities: a musician, who is composing and feeling the music, and a director, whose main responsibility is the coherent combination of two different natures.

Lionel Thomas: Captivating Art Inspired by Music

The nature of sound is chaotic, that is why it is not an easy task to depict something without exact shape. As Thomas states himself, “I make music for the eyes.” We believe that such an approach to contemporary art is beyond compare. What the artist does is revolutionizing the way the art should be created. The canons are already being shaped, and this makes Lionel Thomas so important today.

We encourage you to get to know more about Lionel Thomas and his captivating art inspired by music. It is worth it!

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