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Lip is a unique watch brand that isn’t well known by the general public. This company has a rich heritage and a longstanding history in horology. It started with Emmanuel Lipmann in 1844. He was part of an Alsacian watchmaking family who also sold watchmaking supplies. In 1867 Lipmann created a clock workshop at the age of 23 in Bensacon. He called it the Trading Post Lipmann and was able to hire 15 employees.

In 1904 Lipmann asked Pierre and Marie Curie to find a material that would allow watches to be read in the dark. They discovered radium properties in 1898 so they were the ideal pioneers in this technology. They created the first phosphorescent dials for Lip. In 1908 Lip finally became its own brand after years of creating and fixing clocks and watches. In 1952 Lip created the first electric watch in the world. Lip has been known for technological innovation. They have remained a popular brand among collectors and horology enthusiasts.

Lip is a reasonably priced brand with wristwatches starting in the $400 range. Their wristwatches are incredibly stylish, modern, and unique. Their watchmaking style ranges from retro, classic, minimalist, and avante garde. Vintage lip watches are worth quite a bit to collectors with prices from $800 skyrocketing above $2,000. Lip is a fantastic brand with a rich history in watchmaking. If you are seeking a wristwatch that stands out from the crowd and is impeccably stylish, don’t hesitate to investigate Lip wristwatches.

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