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Locman is an Italian brand that creates luxury wristwatches. It began in 1986 with Marco Mantovani. Locman created watches for other companies up until 1997 when they decided to launch their own brand and line of wristwatches. It’s interesting to point out that Locman never wanted to go mainstream. Their goal was to occupy a niche market. They have somewhat of a cult following in Italy now and ended up becoming one of the leaders in Italian watchmaking.

Locman is incredibly trendy. Their dial cases range from circular to tonneau. A trademark of this company is creating watches with large numbers. Not only does this make it easy to read but adds to the uniqueness of the watches. Many of their watch models, such as the History, are incredibly colorful and boast a whimsical personality. Locman offers styles for both genders in various colors and shapes. Everyone is sure to find a wristwatch that they will love.

Price wise Locman will not break your bank. With prices starting in the $400 range everyone could afford to treat themselves to a piece of Italian luxury. If you are seeking a wristwatch that matches your personality and that is incredibly unique, Locman is the perfect brand.

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