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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular and recognized brands of luxury goods. They provide top quality clothing, hand bags, sunglasses, luggage bags, jewelry, and wristwatches. Their brand encompasses all kinds of styles from classic and elegant to avante garde. Louis Vuitton wristwatches are a relatively new venture for this megabrand. It launched in 2002 in a workshop with just 30 employees in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The team expanded to 50 in 2009 and a larger workshop was purchased.

Louis Vuitton’s watch style reflects their value as a brand. Luxury, fashion, independence, and contemporary design all describe the Louis Vuitton wristwatch collections. The brand offers wristwatches for both genders. Styles range from pure elegance to pure luxury, logo prints displaying the famous LV design, modern, and classic. The Tambour is probably the most famous collection of all.  The staff that create the watches have an almost obsessive approach to quality. Then again Louis Vuitton demands the highest quality of all its goods.

Louis Vuitton isn’t exactly unique. It is a statement brand that screams luxury. If you are seeking a mid-range priced luxury wristwatch that literally speaks for itself, Louis Vuitton maybe right for you. The watches grab attention and will gain you endless compliments. Make sure to purchase from a reputable seller though. Louis Vuitton goods are the most counterfeited among all other brands.

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