Magic Motifs of the Vacheron Constantin Ornamental Exhibition – Charms of Luxury Watchmaking

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The Vacheron Constantin luxury watch brand is one of the most famous, prestigious, and adorable watch producers around the world. Since its founding in the 16th century, Vacheron Constantin has been preserving the well-deserved reputation of a leader in production of magnificent decorative objects. The eye-catching, original items of Vacheron Constantin are the living examples of the brand’s philosophy that luxury watches are not only a thing that should track time, but should also become the accessories underlining the wearer’s image, status, and personality. Luxury watches of Vacheron Constantin are indeed the works of art, and commitment to rich decorative designs was once again underlined by the Vacheron Constantin watch designers in their collection of the “Travels and Adornments” ornamental exhibition of high-end watches by this brand. The exhibition opened at the beginning of June 2014 to show more than 40 iconic models of Vacheron Constantin that embody features of distinctive artistic movements of the 20th and 21st century.

Vacheron Constantin ornamental motif

Then major theme of this exhibition, as expressed by Vacheron Constantin owners, is to provide the fans of this luxury watch brand with an opportunity to undertake a fascinating journey to study the history of horological adornments. The “Travels and Adornments” exhibition’s unique feature is in seeking parallels between luxury watchmaking and decorative arts, which is indeed not that complicated, taking into account the amount of creativity, the number of precious metals and jewels used in many designer luxury watches, and the amount of decorative and artistic thought included into their design. In other words, the “Travels and Adornments” exhibition of Vacheron Constantin is a tribute to, and celebration of, the use of ornamentation in watchmaking.

Travel and Adornments

The venue selected for this exhibition is also stylized very professionally and elegantly to reveal the intricate planning and design of the exhibition. The ornamented Vacheron Constantin samples are displayed in Maison Vacheron Constantin on the Quai de l’Ile in Geneva, the mansion in which display windows are divided into four thematic categories: East, Greece, Europe, and the 19th-century architecture. The majority of exhibits are pocket watches, since they used to be manufactured with much more focus on the decoration and engravings. Visitors of the “Travels and Adornments” exhibition dive into the world of guillochage, gemsetting, and glyptic art that distinguish luxury watches of Vacheron Constantin in a realm of other luxury watch brands.


The thematic division of display windows is not occasional; the selected watch samples are the living exemplars of the clash of cultures and artistic trends. Here, everyone will find a work of watchmaking art to his or her taste. The East category features a unique champlevé enamel pocket watch manufactured in 1831 reminding of Indian motifs, enriched with delicate floral tapestry and the overall flamboyance of the period. Others will definitely remember the 1824 pocket watch performed with the Ottoman décor, floral decorations, and engraved appliques exemplifying the ancient art of pounced ornament technique.

The elegant, sophisticated addition of turquoises and amethysts finishes the unforgettable image of this watch. Fans of the art deco movement will surely adore the two-tone-colored wrist watch made in the strict geometric design traditions, encrusted with baguette-cut jewels and a range of semi-precious stones like onyx, lapis, and coral. All these items create an unforgettable impression of the celebration of style, beauty, and decorative art in luxury watches, so visiting this exhibition is a number one priority for all fans of luxury watches wishing to stay in tune with the latest watchmaking and luxury watch fashion trends.