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Magnus Walker, His Porsche 911s and the 1974 Omega Speedmaster Automatic Ref. 176.0012 Watch

Magnus Walker emerged as the biggest Porsche 911 fan of all time. He showed images of his 40 stylish cars, one at a time, in a car forum and bowled over the car enthusiasts of the country. His amazing collection of cars made an immediate impact on the US based car enthusiasts. Another unique aspect of the car crazed guy is his appearance. With his dreadlocks and extremely long beard, he does not have the features or look of other typical rich car collectors like Jay Leno. Still, the expertise of Mr. Walker and his drive to possess all Porsche 911 cars in a time frame of a decade or so has attracted a lot of attention to his side. Recently, he was featured in ‘the Late Night Show’ with Jay Leno and was seen with one of his stylish cars.

What type of a watch would a Porsche fanatic like Magnus Walker would like to wear? This self-made millionaire is seen wearing an Omega Speedmaster Automatic ref. 176.0012 that was most probably released in the year 1974. This certainly proves that the creator of Urban Outlaw clothing does have a sense of style in addition to his millions and Porsche cars. He gained his fame through the large number of cars he owns and also due to the expertise he has on his favorite brand of vehicles.

The choice of the Omega Speedmaster as his watch is in itself a sign of Magnus Walker’s personal tastes. In addition to the classic cars in his possession, he has a vintage watch par excellence. He certainly is a person with exquisite tastes in things that he own. Some of you may have seen him wearing the Omega Speedmaster on his wrists while giving interviews. Omega Speedmaster 176.0012 certainly is a worthy watch to go along with a classic car like a Porsche 911. The Omega caliber 1045 watch movement powering the Speedmaster is a very efficient watch movement. It is a created from the famous Lemania 5100 watch movement. You can certainly look at the watch movement and compare it with the engine of a Porsche 911.

Those of you who have watched the short movie ‘Urban Outlaw’ must have felt the love Magnus Walker has towards his Porsche 911s. On many scenes, you can see his Speedmaster shining on his wrists. According to him, Porsche got to its coveted position due to customer loyalty towards the brand. This statement is equally applicable to Omega Speedmaster as well. This luxury brand of watch has its own position among chronographs in a similar way as the Porsche among other sports cars. They are both stars of their respective domains.

You can see the movie ‘Urban Outlaw’ by going to the following link. The movie shows the intensity, dedication and love showcased by this guy towards the causes that are very close to his heart.

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