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Mauboussin is a luxury jewelry firm that also creates outstanding wristwatches. It started in 1827 when prestigious jeweler M. Rocher founded his jewelry shop. Mauboussin created exquisite luxury jewelry since then. In 1878 Mauboussin was given a medal by the World Fairs in Paris. The Grand Prix was awarded to the brand in 1925 during the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. This award recognized Mauboussin’s achievement in excellence and active involvement in the modern age of design.

In 2010 Mauboussin made the mark in the world of horology. They introduced their Amour wristwatch which gained public attention. The watch featured mother of pearl and diamonds adding incredible luxury to this feminine watch. Mauboussin commented that the muse for the design of the Amour was none other than French actress Elsa Zylberstein.

Mauboussin’s jewelry is very high end and exclusive. Their wristwatches however are incredibly affordable unless you want the most luxurious, precious stone encrusted model available. With prices starting at just $400 this luxury that anyone could rightfully treat themselves to. The Amour is a highly collectible piece that would be a lovely addition to a women’s wristwatch collection. With a rich heritage and focus on artistic design, Mauboussin wristwatches are sure to please even the most particular woman.

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