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MB&F HM5 Watch

Here is a watch that let you read time while driving your vehicle without turning your wrists around. The watch shows time in such a way that you can see the time while you are steering the wheel. Now, this is not the first time that such a wedge based watch design is hitting the market. There have been some other models in the past that were based on a similar design perspective.

MB&F HM5 is the watch we are talking about here. The previous watch from this watch maker is the MB&F HM4 which arrived in to the scene a couple of years back. This watch maker is catering to the elite and rich who are looking for boutique watches to be flashed at the red carpet events they participate in. Among the watches from the house, this is the most affordably priced one. Max Busser is the creative work horse behind the firm and has added a lot of his personal inspirations in to the design.

Watch aficionados have been waiting eagerly for the next Horological Machine model from the watch maker and they got surprised with the arrival of the Legacy Machine Number 1. Now, the watch maker has announced that they will launch a HM model and LM model every other year. Thus, HM5 is for the current year and it will be followed by LM2 in the next year. The HM5 got its inspiration from certain 70s watches like the LED watches and the driver ones. The nickname for HM5 is “on the road again.” Obviously, the easy readability of time on the watch, while driving the car, without even turning your wrist, is one reason for this. Another one is the design aesthetics of the Lamborghinis and some other exquisite vehicles from the past that were incorporated in to the watch. The watch case design has elements of the window slits seen on these stylish cars.

You must be engrossed by the slits seen on the rear of the Lamborghini. HM5 has similar slits on its back side too. These slits are not just for display purposes alone. You can slide it open and close with the help of a small lever on the side. Once the slits are open, it will let sun light seep in to its interiors and charge the lume on the discs. This would eventually help you read the time easily in darkness. The discs that display time are angled towards a side in a peculiar manner. Why is this so? The discs are not placed in an angled manner. The special design of the sapphire crystal is responsible for this special effect. Again, this crystal magnifies the numerals by roughly 20% of its original size and helps you to see the time clearly.

MB&F HM5 does come with an inner case and an outer case. The inner case is responsible for protecting the watch movement and its interiors. The outer case is responsible for adding to the wow factor by letting water pass through it (during a rain or swim) in a stylized manner.

You can purchase one of these 66 available watches for $ 63,000.

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