MB&F Legacy Machine N°1 Won Two Prizes at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

MB&F Legacy Machine N°1 Won Two Prizes at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

The coveted result of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012 was announced recently. Watch makers and watch lovers from all over the planet look at this event as an opportunity to learn about the best horologic events and inventions of the past one year. This year, MB&F Legacy Machine N° 1 walked away with two of the most sought after prizes of the grand prix. The watch won the best men’s watch prize as well as the public prize. Let us take a look at the model and see how they got to this coveted spot.

The MB&F watch was the result of a fantasy. Maximilian Busser, started fantasizing about him being born a century ahead of time, say 1867 instead of 1967. The prize winning watch is a result of this fantasy. If Busser was to design a watch at the beginning of the 19th century, it would have looked pretty much this way. He imagined Eiffel Tower and Jules Verne as his potential inspirations and came up with the watch design.

Busser used the services of some of the best brains in watch making to come together and create his watch. Jean-François Mojon has won the best watch maker prize only a couple of years back. Chronode is his team of watch makers who helped in crafting the Legacy Machine’s watch movement. Kari Voutilainen is another famous watch maker who led his shoulders to come up with the watch. He played a big part in providing the aesthetic finesse to the watch. The contributions of these people are acknowledged by etching their names on the case back. Kari Voutilainen does not lend his name to any other watches other than his own. This is a testament to the belief he has in the watch.

One of the major plus points of the watch is its three dimensional nature. Most watches that we are familiar with are two dimensional in nature. Busser and his team has created a three dimensional watch for a change.

Prior to the creation of this Legacy Machine model, MB&F is known for their Horological Machine line of watches. With the introduction of this new watch, MB&F is adding a new chapter to their existing business enterprise. They will continue to create watches in both of these lines. The only difference will be that the designs will be a century apart in design and aesthetics.

MB&F Legacy Machine N° 1 took its inspiration from the technology that existed in the beginning of the 19th century. But this does not mean that the watch is anything from a time in the past. The design aesthetics, technology used and finish of the watch is simply amazing and is on par with what is available today. There is no wonder the experts at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012 as well as the general public fell in love with the watch.

The legacy machine is available for $ 92,000 and is already sold out for the next three years!

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