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Mechanical Watches From New Britain Corp.

Our readers are constantly asking for us to provide them with more information on stylish mechanical watches that fall below the $5000 mark. As we are always looking for ways to satisfy our readers, we constantly strive to provide what they ask us for. The reason we do not deal with sub $5000 watches more is not our hate of those watches. Our goal is to provide high quality watches to our readers. This has nothing to do with the cost of the watch. At the same time, most watches below $5000 do not clear the high standards we try to see in them. In many cases, the watches below $5000 are created by fake watch designers who do not know what they are doing. In some cases, these watches are created by rich collectors incorporating their wacky ideas as well as the same old dials that we see in every other watch that falls in that price range. There is absolutely nothing unique about these watches. There is neither personality for the cases nor finish for the movement. We are constantly looking out for watch designs that incorporate craftsmanship in each aspect of the watch making process, from its movement to its case finish. Right now, we have such a watch in our possession and we are definitely going to make a big deal of it!

New Britain Watch Corp. is a new entrant in to the watch making business. The concept of the watch is crafted in USA and is built from scratch by hand in Switzerland. Unlike the other watches that are built and assembled in Asia, this Swiss made watch gets its inspiration from 1950ish Californian ambiance. The company is aiming to craft mechanical watches with perfection and style at much lower prices than their luxury counterparts. You will be bowled over just by the look of the watch movement:

The movement that is powering the watch is a Unitas 6498/1, which is routinely seen in many Panerai models as well as many other watches in the same price range. The finish and perfection achieved by New Britain is entirely at a new level. By its basic nature, this movement is not very eye catchy. That is where other brands falter and losing the perfection of their watches. The sand blasting and polishing done on the bridges, edges and the screws has helped them to take it to an entirely new level. As a result of this hard work on their part, they are able to gain highly perfected manually wound watch movement. You can watch the movement in action through the synthetic sapphire crystal case back.

The remaining aspects of the watch are equally impressive too. The coin edged bezel, the case crafted and nicely brushed out of a piece of AISI316L steel, the black galvanized dial with a 1950ish motor cycle gauge like looks, the two real screws at 1:30 and 7:30 o’clock positions responsible for holding the dial intact etc. help in adding to the perfection of this watch model.

The collection from the stable of New Britain Watches was released this week only. The 100 watches they have crafted can be purchased from prominent retailers like Greenwhich based Betteridge, Waldorf based Cellini, Malibu based Schwanke-Kasten and Erik & Company. Its size is 45 mm and can be suitable for people who love macho watches. It is always nice to meet a new company that is showing the effort to create a cool watch with a lot of detail going in to its creation. Hopefully, we will get to see more creations from their stable.

The retail price of the New Britain NA521 model is $3200.

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