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MeisterSinger is a company based on old values and traditions despite not having deep roots in the watchmaking industry. The company started in 2001 with one man’s dream of creating a classic horology brand. The word Meistersinger is a German word that refers to a guild of lyrical poetry. It also honors Wagner’s classic music. The brand MeisterSinger believes that its wristwatches are created harmoniously.

MeisterSinger’s team of masters create the wristwatches in Munster, Germany. This city has been called the “creative mile”. MeisterSinger wristwatches are classic, elegant, and sauve. This line of mostly men’s watches will suit even the most particular man. There are also a few ladies models available in classic styles.  Single hand, single hand with functions, and three hand watches are available to choose from. Just about all of the MeisterSinger models feature a classy leather strap in color choices of brown or black.

Women have four models available to choose from in feminine colors. MeisterSinger also makes customizing your watch possible. They allow customers to pick features, colors, and styles so you are guaranteed the perfect watch for your personality. MeisterSinger watches are modestly priced for a luxury brand. With prices starting in the $1,000 range just about anyone can afford to own an elegant and luxurious wristwatch. a

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