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Men’s Breitling Bentley GT Watch – A True Luxury Watch

In the world of luxury cars, there is one name that is synonymous to true European luxury: a brand that turns any head, and shows true appreciation for craftsmanship, class, and style. Owning a Bentley might be a bit out of an average person’s budget, but what if you could experience the thrill and prestige of owning a Bentley, for just a fraction of the price? Enter Breitling’s Bentley GT a true luxury watch.

The Breitling GT watch is everything you could imagine if the pride in function and form of a Bentley vehicle was transformed into watch form. Everything about the Bentley GT watch is streamlined, classic, and perfect: from the color, to the features, to the over-all appearance of the watch.

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The first thing that you would notice about the watch is the midnight blue color of the watch’s dial. Bentley cars are usually made in these colors: dark, deep, powerful, and mysterious colors such as black and midnight blue. This luxury watch boasts that same deep hue of blue.

The case material is made from stainless steel, which also echoes the powerful and durable body of a Bentley car. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing this watch while you’re in the office, or wearing it while on a hiking trek; you can be sure that the watch will endure moisture, stress, pressure, and scratches, and still come out the other end looking like new. The watch is water-resistant for up to 100 meters.

The face of the watch features the time, as well as a chronograph, and date and day windows at the 3 o’ clock position.  It also features a black rubber strap with a tang clasp, making the strap easy to clean, and resistant to sweat and dirt.

Of course, the luxury of a Bentley watch cannot be denied, and in this particular watch, the luxury can easily be seen in the bezel. The bezel is ringed with custom-set 3-carat diamonds, making it a true piece of craftsmanship and luxury.

One of the most striking features of this particular true luxury watch is that it is very rare. When you see the back of the watch, you could see the engraved logo of Bentley, as well as a certification that this watch is truly a special edition watch.  Indeed, there is a possibility that the Breitling Bentley GT watch is one-of-a-kind, and that you would be in an elite class of watch owners when you own this particular watch. That could be something to boast of right there: there may be a lot of people in the world who own and drive a Bentley, but how many people can boast of actually WEARING one?


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