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Michel Jordi

Michel Jordi is a master watchmaker whose self-titled company has steadily gained popularity. He knew from early on in his life that he wanted to create stunning time pieces. He learned from watching his father work on watches in his workshop. Jordi has a passion and dedication to his Swiss heritage. He insists on creating watches of the finest quality.

Michel Jordi wristwatches are a collectors dream. This brand isn’t quite mainstream yet. It is like finding a rare gem that you can wear. Endless compliments will come your wear sporting a Michel Jordi wristwatch. Collectors love independent brands and unique watches. Any serious collector should consider adding a Michel Jordi watch to their collection.

Michel Jordi is a new company that just started in 2011. The brand already has a stunning portfolio of watches and Jordi has unveiled several exciting new concepts. He plans on showing more of his genius at Baselworld 2012. This brand is sure to skyrocket. Now is the ideal time to purchase considering you will have one of the first models of this appealing brand. Jordi watches are incredibly complicated with incredible movements and hand engraved leather straps. These are extremely high end wristwatches that start around $90,000. If you truly want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd Michel Jordi is a perfect fit for you.

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