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Mido is a luxury watch company with a rich heritage. It was founded by George Schaere, a master Swiss watchmaker, in 1918 in the Swiss Jura Mountains. Their headquarters still reside in the same area. Schaere coined the name Mido from the Spanish phrase “Yo mido”, which translates to “ I measure”. Mido as a brand insists on being unique. It refuses to follow fashion trends and instead focuses on creating timeless wristwatches with functions to make them useful.

Currently Mido has expanded to over 50 countries with over 2,000 locations worldwide. The brand is slowly gaining popularity in the United States. This is a truly European brand that collectors will fall in love with. If you are seeking a unique piece to add to your collection, look no further. Two particular models may be of special interest to collectors. The 1995 Worldtimer and Bodyguard were sensational hits. The Worldtimer was the first analogue watch that was able to read any time zone in the world with incredible ease of use. The Bodyguard was like a personal bodyguard on your wrist. It had a hidden security alarm built in.

Mido is currently by Swatch Group, the largest watch group in the world. Mido still holds to its values of incredible value, timeless design, and function. Prices can be as low as $600 and up depending on the model you like. For a classic watch made of the highest quality materials don’t hesitate to check out Mido wristwatches.

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