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Montblanc is a fine, Swiss luxury watch company. The company has quite an interesting history surprisingly not rooted in watchmaking. Montblanc began in 1908. It was founded by a stationer, engineer, and a banker in Hamburg, Germany. Before the name was changed to Montblanc the company was called the Simplo Filler Pen Company. In fact, Montblanc originally specialized in producing fine fountain pens for stationary use. Their pens were considered to be of luxury quality and were priced high compared to other brands. Thus the luxury goods legacy of Montblanc started with an exquisite pen.

Montblanc began producing luxury wristwatches, jewelry, fragrance, leather goods and even eyewear after their popularity grew. Dunhill eventually acquired ownership of Montblanc in 1977 and helped make their wristwatches more known. Fountain pens have also been favored by writers, artists, and collectors for their elegant look, quality, and ability to create stunning calligraphy. It makes perfect sense that luxury wristwatches and fountain pens would go hand in hand. Today, Montblanc specializes in creating elegant, stunning wristwatches with classic style and Swiss made quality. Their wristwatches reflect their style and values as a luxury fountain pen producer. Montblanc creates men’s wristwatches mainly. Ladies will be delighted to know that a few women’s models are available and are sure to please those seeking a unique and classic style. From chronographs to automatic movements, Montblanc has the perfect dress wristwatch for even the most particular individuals.

Montblanc truly defines classic luxury and elegance. If you are looking for a simple yet eyecatching wristwatch for special occasions at an affordable luxury price, look no further. With prices starting in the $2,000 range, Montblanc offers incredible value.

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