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Movado Red Label Skymap

Movado crafted designer watches that grabbed your attention for the bare minimum features associated with their creations. You must be familiar with their watches that have only a single marking at 12 O’ clock position. With the latest creation from their stable, they have upped the ante by a couple of notches. The new Movado Red Label Skymap showcases the night sky of Switzerland seen on summer night. The dial is depicting the beauty of the Swiss sky without losing any of its features. No, they have not got rid of the 12 O’ clock dot yet! But, the net effect of the watch is much better than their predecessors. Star gazers are certain to love this new design. People with a love for fashion and art are going to love the aesthetics of the model.

The very first thing you notice about the model is the beauty of the black color. As the watch is depicting the night sky, this color selection is the right thing on their part. Almost everything associated with the watch is black in color. The case, the leather strap and the dial has a lot of black in it. Of course, there are some shades and accents of white and silver seen at some places. Some subtle shades of red are visible too. You can see the red shades on the label on the dial as well as on the thread used for stitching the leather strap.

Movado Red Label Skymap’s watch case is 42 mm in size. Stainless steel with black PVD coating is used to give the case a rough and tough look. This Movado certainly has a style that is suited for a person with a certain level of elegance. The combo of black case, black dial and black alligator straps is a killer combination and is totally delivering what the designers hoped to achieve. In fact, if you keep looking at the dial for a while, you may start to feel mesmerized!

What type of watch movement is powering the Skymap? A Swiss made automatic movement is the brains behind this men’s luxury watch. It does have a moon phase complication to add to the intrigue of the design. The see through sapphire crystal on the case back lets you see the movement. The watch is able to with stand water up to 3 atm. Unless you are going for a deep sea dive or something like that, this would be sufficient water resistance for normal use. Of course, such expensive watches are unlikely to be used for diving purposes.

Movado is not producing a huge number of these watches. This limited edition watch would be available only for the lucky few who can afford them and are ready to purchase them as soon as they are available. This watch is like a famous art form like a painting or a sculpture that has a huge value due to the limited availability and the workmanship of the artist. If you purchase this watch, you are likely to enjoy the starry Swiss nights on your wrists for the rest of your life!

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