Mr. Jones Floriography Watches

Mr. Jones Floriography Watches

If you’ve never heard of floriography, it’s probably because having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is no longer looked upon as a social transgression. In the Victorian era, lovers sometimes needed to use secret codes to send messages to each other (plus, secret messages are fun). Floriography is a system invented for this reason. It uses flowers to represent certain meanings. Each of these two unique watches from Mr. Jones has a message in it as well.

The first, a very modern-looking watch with a black dial and a blue pattern on it, is the Abutus flower. At least, it’s an abutus flower when the dial is lined up in just the right way. Rotating layers on the dial make the blue design change constantly. Now it’s a flower, now it’s just a bunch of blue lines, and now it’s like a star. There are no numbers on the dial, just blue hands and flower petals (lines). It’s floriographic meaning is “Thee only do I love”, which is also engraved on the back of the watch.

The second one is even more beautiful. Called the “cherry blossom”, it is inspired by the celebrations held every spring in Japan, when people all over the country gather to view the tiny flowers on the trees. The watch has a white dial with a red floral pattern. This one has fat red dots with small lines on them that represent the stamen of the flower, and rotate with the petal designs, sometimes disappearing into each other so that there are half as many of them. Again, there are no numbers, but you can see the brand’s emblem just above the black hands. Because of the way they appear on the branches and are so soon gone without a trace, cherry blossoms represent the evanescent nature of many things in life or, as it says on the back of this watch, “Remember, life is brief.” This same idea is embodied in the ever-shifting red pattern on the dial as well. For a second, it’s a cherry blossom, then it’s nothing at all, just some vaguely geometric red lines.

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