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Power of Nature vs Power of Duty

Dear guests and clients, those of you who read, listen and watch global and national news and forecasts reports know very well, what has recently happened with New York. In fact it’s still happening. Heavy mass of raining and streaming water with a wind flows of great speed literally stroke the streets and houses of New York City. Some people even lost their lives, not to speak about other losses, such as infrastructure and transportation system cuttings.

More to say, even the great business mammoths like New York stock exchange were forced to cease their work. It looked as Sandy storm came to take both lives of people and a very energy of the US civilization, at least at the Eastern Coast of country.

That’s why Mass Media use news titles like “killer storm” that hit New York and they are partly right with it.

However, New York was injured but not killed! People helped each other to survive, officials worked to help people to recover and even president Obama left his electoral fight to visit the Big Apple and to provide his coordination efforts to decrease devastation.

Right at this moment the news have come, that NY stock exchange is opened and some airports begin to work. Good marks for many people!

Now, let’s step down from the national emergency news and speak about 300watches.com

At the initial approach it may look quite adequate to think that if 300watches.com is a watch shop site with New York based office and some appropriate physical logistics, then it’s a not a time and there is no possibility for such a shop to continue its work. Of course, it’s not a truth!

First of all, as an online site 300watches.com had no even a slightest threat to be gotten down. If you have an Internet connection – then you have a connection with 300watches.com and its actual content.

Secondly, an actual work of 300watches.com shop is a combined action of real people whose will to perform their duties is stronger than a will of chaos. Sure, any human is not a robot and 300watches.com actually works only at work hours, when we process the incoming data and prepare order shipping. There is nothing exceptional, it’s a usual practice of any kind of online business.

What is really exceptional is a fact that 300watches.com didn’t stop its work and, more of that, we prolonged our work hours in order to make sure that all the business process works without delays, thus eliminating possible outer risk for our clients.

So, if you have made any kind of order – please, don’t worry, cause there is nothing to worry about – the order will be shipped in a right time. If you are a newcomer – please feel free to watch our watch collection – each of our models may become yours!

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