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Neon Art — The Intimate Bond Between Art and Light

One of the outstanding merits of contemporary art is its exceptional ability to introduce people to groundbreaking aesthetic experiences. With so many distinguished artists and their unique techniques, the fine line between visual fiction and reality often becomes transparent. That is because creators now feel as free as never before and thus are not afraid of experimenting with new forms. Neon art is undoubtedly one of the most successful discoveries in the world of contemporary art so far. Not only does it use gas instead of paint, but it also reexamines our understanding of light as a powerful art medium.

Neon Art — The Intimate Bond Between Art and Light

The brief history of neon art

Though it feels like neon light is a pretty recent and new innovation, the reality is way more surprising. Neon appeared in France in 1910. From the inception, it was represented in the form of neon signboards used by bar and club owners to this very day. The idea of neon light was introduced to the rest of the world only in 1930-1940. Since then, neon has become a widespread phenomenon, mainly thanks to pop art artists who have unlocked its potential.

Neon Art — The Intimate Bond Between Art and Light

How does neon attract people?

Contemporary neon art is almost completely based on the power of association. What do you feel when you look at neon artwork, either red, orange, or blue? The fact is that different people would imagine different things because it is something firmly encoded in our minds. For some, it symbolizes melancholy and rain, some would think of sex and violence, and others might well see something inspirational and energetic about it.

Nowadays, artists come up with some truly mind-blowing neon installations. It is no longer about street and vulgarity. Instead, they use neon to convey the deeper meaning of human energy, emotions, and consciousness. With newer and newer art projects, it seems like neon art has a promising future. So let’s wait, watch, and enjoy it!

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