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Nixon Elite Class

The brand new Nixon Elite Class is definitely shocking the market with all these stunning and luxurious models. These watches are a combination of top notch materials available on the market and its craftsmanship is fully traditional. The Elite Class is a set of high end watches. Each timepiece sets a totally new standard for the brand.

This elite collection is definitely luxurious. Nixon considered many details when creating these magnificent pieces of art that include automatic movements coming from Switzerland. They are equipped with excellent quality materials such as sapphire crystals, titanium, and ceramic.

These watches are made under Swiss quality standards and we all know that the Swiss don’t mess around when speaking of high end watches.

The vast majority of the Nixon Elite Class includes the ETA movement (automatic) that has been the traditional high end movement of timepieces for many years.

These new collection features masterpieces such as: the trader, The Supremacy, The Regent, The Player XL, The Magnacon SS and a few more.

Let’s take for example the new Magnacon SS. This excellent timepiece defines the word luxurious, but don’t be fooled that easily because this watch is a power machine. This timepiece is equipped with a six hand chronograph movement and that means more precision. This beauty is designed for a person that knows the world won’t stop anytime soon. It combines elegance, prestige, durability and simplicity perfectly.

Let’s focus on another excellent model of this collection: the Nixon Player XL Elite. This lovely timepiece mixes pretty well its master class Swiss movement (can be seen on its transparent case back) and a very original design. This watch is an oversized version of the Nixon Player that is basically the same, but a little bit smaller.

It comes with a magnificent ruby at 6 o’clock that makes it look even more luxurious.

We can conclude that this magnificent collection is truly something special in terms of design, durability and exclusivity. Nixon Elite Class will definitely stun the market.

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