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Quality products and services are not going to come for cheap. Does this convey the message that everything good must be really expensive? When it comes to watches, this is not necessarily true. Nomos is a brand of quality watches that has been providing consistently without bringing the bank down.

Nomos, a Glashutte, Germany based independent watch maker has been carving a niche for themselves with the creations from their house. Watch lovers have been bestowing them with various awards that showcase the technology as well as design aesthetics followed by the firm. They have won watch of the year award as well as various other awards given away by horologists from around the globe.

The simplicity of Nomos designs is responsible for creating their huge number of admirers. The Tangente, the Ludwig and the Orion are the major designs from their stable. There are some people who fall over heels for the Tangente while some others prefer the Orion over anything else.

The simple nature of the Orion may fool you to think that this is a really simple watch without any sophistication associated with it. The lack of fancy complications does not imply that it is an easy task to come up with such a watch design. In fact, on more occasions than once, you will find it hard to create something simple than a really complex item. As you wear the watch on your wrists, this one will start growing on you. It would behave like the perfect spouse who will get more in to your heart day by day!

German watch designing concepts have been around for a century or more. To this day, the basic design aesthetics has not changed a bit. The Orion is designed based on these principles. The function of the device is the key element here. They do not give much importance to decorating or beautifying the gadget without any associated functional improvement.

When it comes to the all-time great watches from all around the world, they always understood the need for effective functioning of the watches. When a watch blends its designing and functions perfectly, an irreplaceable watch like a Rolex Submariner or an Omega Speedmaster is born. The Orion belongs to the same class of watches and is a couple of notches ahead of the other watches that are available in the market now. The Orion succeeds in doing its primary job without any fuss or unwanted distractions; that is telling time.

At 35 mm size, the case of the watch is at the right size. The narrow bezel and the long lugs help the watch to fit perfectly on your wrists. Another noticeable fact about it is its very thin structure. At 8.45 mm, this is one of the most petite watches available in the market. After wearing it for a few days, you will not even be aware that you have the Nomos Orion on your wrists. Now, that is a major breakthrough on the part of the watch maker!

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