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North American Institute of Watchmaking

Recently, there had been a discussion on the famous School of Watchmaking in Miami, FL and what they have in store for aspiring watchmakers. Many people who wrote to this site complained about their inability to attend such a school in Miami due to geographical restrictions or other such reasons. In order to help these potential watch makers out, I am providing information on some of the good watch making schools in the country and abroad alike.

With the aim to impart successful training to young watch makers wishing to make their own mark in the world, the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking was founded in Ft. Worth, Texas in the year 2009. The NAIOSW is affiliated to the Institute of Swiss Watch Making (IOSW), which was created in the previous year 2008. One of the best watch making training centers in the world, Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP), is collaborating with this institute by providing their expertise in the matter.

The Swiss watch industry is known to exert a lot of stress in to the task that is in front of them. WOSTEP helps watch making institutes from around the globe to provide the necessary training to aspiring watch makers who join them. The accreditation and certification provided by the firm is valued a lot by business enterprises from around the globe. Those who gain this certificate can expect to get lucrative employment opportunities in the industry.

As they are following the guidance of WOSTEP, students can expect to gain the best possible knowledge on the topic at their hand. These students can either opt for a 3000 hour long Certified Watchmaking Course or a 640 hour long Encasing Technician Course. The NAIOSW as well as the Hayek School in Miami have smaller class rooms to impart the best knowledge to their students. Only six to eight students are accepted for each class of Certified Watchmaking Course. The next WOSTEP Certified Watchmaking course is from September 2013 to August 2015.  The very next Encasing Course is commencing in May 2013.

Past experience in watchmaking is an advantage; but is not mandatory for admission to the course. Every major aspect and cost of the course like fees, tuition, tools and other supplies are provided by well-known luxury watch brands. The current class that is about to graduate in 2014 is currently sponsored by Vacheron Constantin

If you are interested to learn more, you must check out their website.  The world can always handle more talented watchmakers!

For non-US watch makers, the Hong Kong (HKIOSW) school or the Shanghai (CNIOSW) school are two good options to master the art of watchmaking.

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