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Ochs and Junior Anno Watch

Ochs and Junior Anno, is a luxury watch that is complicated and uncomplicated, all at the same time! That is not an easy task to accomplish; especially for a watch maker.

The watch industry members are known to compete vigorously among each other to come up with more and more sophisticated and complicated features in their creations. Ochs and Junior are an exception to this widely held belief. They are always looking for ways to un-complicate aspects and components of their watches. Watch makers are famous for their attempts to come up with the highest number of components that they can fit in to a watch. Ochs and Junior are always looking for ways to simplify their watches and also to reduce the features associated with their watches. For them, the best watch is the one with the bare minimum features and complications. Major watch makers are known to engage in marketing activities with a view to garner the biggest share of the global market. They constantly try to increase the number of retailers selling their products. Ochs and Junior do not like to follow this route and sell their watches only from either their headquarters or through their own website. Again, they do not believe in gimmicks like branding, marketing, providing a boutique experience for their customers while shopping for fancy watches etc. As the watches from this firm are unique in nature, they need not struggle hard to create a niche market for themselves.

Ludwig Oechslin and Beat Weinmann are the founders and brains behind the firm. They work in tandem with the small group of talented designers, engineers and technicians to create their watches. They are very picky about their suppliers and purchase supplies from a few chosen people only. These aspects of the firm help them to ensure the highest quality in their watches and to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

The calendar function on the watch is able to display the day and date of the year with respect to the changes from month to month. Of course, not many watches are able to handle the difference with respect to February. As that is a problem that needs to be tackled only once every year, may be that need not be incorporated in to a watch at all. On many occasions in your life, you may find it quite hard to find simple answers to a problem. Your attempts to find a solution can make the problem in to a really complex one. This is equally true about watch making as well. Many watches use as many as 40 parts to complete their calendar function alone. Ochs and Junior use only 3 moving parts in their calendar function. Overall, their calendar feature has only 5 parts!

You can obtain the watch in two case sizes, either 39 mm or 42 mm. They are both made using unpolished titanium. Except the square buckle, everything in the watch is perfectly rounded. As the simple design with fewer complications and parts will help to reduce the wear and tear of the watch operation, you can expect it to run for a long time to come.

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