Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Titanium

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Titanium

Omega has been popular throughout the years thanks to the James Bond’s movies. We know how classy and sporty Omega likes its watches. We are featuring the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Titanium.

This watch was firstly introduced back in 2011. The Omega Seamaster PO has several variants, but it was the very first PO to be made of Titanium and the first one to have colors in black and orange.

This timepiece also had the privilege to be having the first in house caliber, the 8500, along with a co-axial escapement and a very firm balancing spring.

This timepiece has several interesting variants such as: the big size, which is privileged with a 45.5mm case and can come with or without chronograph along with a titanium bracelet or a nice looking blue strap made of rubber.

This watch features an in house movement called the Omega Caliber 8500. It is an automatic caliber that winds in both ways and directions, along with the Co-Axial escapement that helps to reduce friction in the movement that results in a long-term chronometric performance.

For those who preferred the chronograph version, it comes with the 9300 caliber that is also an in house movement. It comes also with the Co-Axial escapement, along with a wheel mechanism.

This timepiece is a brilliant piece of art and a modern piece that worth every penny spent on it. For some it can be a little bit pricey, but generally most people will never complain when they see all the nice features this awesome watch has to offer.

The non-chronograph model starts at $7,900 Ref. with rubber strap, and the one with bracelet starts at $8,600 Ref

We can conclude that it is a safe bet to purchase the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Titanium Liquidmetal. If you are looking for luxury, complication and a high end watch you can be sure you can’t go wrong choosing this incredible timepiece.

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