Parmigiani Fleurier’s Passion for Brazil – The Pershing Samba Madeira

Parmigiani Fleurier’s

Though there are many luxury watches in the world sold through a variety of commercial channels, at times you may want to buy watch online that would commemorate your passion to a particular country. The Parmigiani Freurier luxury watch producer has provided all fans of Brazil and everything connected with this passionate, joyful, and hearty country. Now you can buy a watch online dedicated to Brazil and its famous Samba rhythms. Its name is Pershing Samba Madeira – the model impresses with its liveliness and a joyful colorful palette – green, blue, orange, etc.

You can buy this magnificent watch online if you like the vibrant colors and passionate Samba rhythms. The dial of this luxury watch is truly impressive, and you will always be noticeable with such a watch on your wrist. For instance, the dominant colors on the dial are Brazil’s signature colors – yellow and green. However, a more persuasive reason to buy this watch online is the gorgeous imagery interestingly located on this watch’s dial – it features a stylized Brazilian-looking image of a guitar encircling the tourbillon carriage for it to perform the symbolic visual function of its sound-hole.

Those who like Brazilian guitars will definitely like to buy this watch online because they may never find such  detailed depiction of a guitar on any other luxury Swiss watch. It is impressive to see that this guitar even has six strings with the thickness equaling that of a human hair. The guitar and its strings were manually made and fastened by Parmigiani Fleurier watch masters. Besides its visual attractiveness, this watch has a number of technical complications. Other benefits you can get if you buy this watch online include the power reserve of 192 hours, and a hand-wound 30-second chronometer.

Surely, we cannot leave out some details about the watch’s constituents – the use of precious metals and stones may also serve as an additional factor making you buy this Brazilian watch online. The watch possesses a titanium case, which makes a perfect combination with the golden bezel and indices. Those are made of 18k rose gold, adding to the elegant look and unforgettable design of this watch. But this watch online, and you will see that there is also a Brazilian national motto “Ordem e Progresso” – it is located behind the guitar, creating a gorgeous ensemble.

Not only fans of Parmigiani Fleurier luxury watches, but also those with a passion for the French luxury brand Hermes may want to but this watch online. Hermes was tasked with creating a fabulous strap of this watch. Therefore, the result of their collaboration is a pleasant-looking “Samba Madeira” watch with a strap made of alligator leather adjusted to one’s wrist with an adjustable folding clasp coated with titanium. Buy this watch online, and become an owner of this unusual, original, and colorful timepiece that will bring a bit of Brazil to your life!