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Parmigiani is a Swiss watch company with an interesting history. It began as a small workshop that repaired high end wristwatches.  In 1974 Michel Parmigiani, motivated to begin his career as a watchmaker, was faced with a big problem. Japan’s explosion of quartz movements had taken over the watch industry. Quartz was accurate and affordable so people began to lose interest in the quality of traditional watches. 90,000 people lost their jobs because of this quartz era.

Parmigiani opened a small workshop where he repaired wristwatches.  He put his dreams of watchmaking aside due to the economic conditions and watched as people lost interest in his passion. He created customized wristwatches for serious collectors and eventually his business thrived. Parmigiani met the Sandoz family in the 1980’s. This meeting would change his life. Pierre Landolt, a member of the family, convinced Michel Parmigiani to create his own brand. His skills were unrivaled and his ideas were unique. They agreed to manufacture their own movements and to stick to their values as a brand.

Years later Parmigiani is still dedicated to their values and the age old tradition of watchmaking. The brand believes in treasuring the past. They admire to traditional style of watchmaking yet strive for innovation so that the tradition can survive in a modern world. Their most recent masterpiece, the Tourbillion Wood Rock wrist watch, was recently unveiled at Harrod’s London. This watch features wood accents in an artistic design. It is a highly collectible piece that serious collectors will want to check out.

Overall Parmigiani is a brand whose dedication to a tradition is heartwarming. Their commitment to excellence and high quality parts will continue to gain this company fame.

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