Why is Patek Philippe the Best Watch?

watch Patek Philippe

What makes Patek Philippe so special? This is a brand that is meant to impress the connoisseur. This is not a brand to impress your neighbor or your office buddies as Patek is definitely a great masterpiece for the watch collector/hobbyist and yet, somehow, most people on this earth don’t know what it is. It may look like a regular gold plated watch when in reality it is a solid gold piece.

When you buy a Patek you do so because of its beautiful handmade movement. This is a watch for yourself, because you know what you are getting and you want to admire it. It is a watch you can enjoy and have for many years, and you can let it become part of you and not be just an occasional accessory. There are so few Patek watches produced that it is highly coveted.

This piece is a sure investment if you want to sell it later or if you want a timepiece to pass on to your son or grandson. This is a piece that will stand the test of time and that will be very unique in its appearance and presence. This is not a poser’s brand, is not a watch to show off, it is a watch to please the owner. A Patek watch is a true enthusiast’s watch. Even if you are able to have just one Patek, it will be a piece that you will enjoy all of your life.

For a Patek owner, the “purpose” is to own something fine and beautiful for what it’s worth to them, and perhaps as an affirmation to themselves that they have found success. Patek Philippe watches are some of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen. I like their clean and classic beauty and their exquisite and great quality. Patek is the one that does it all so perfectly.

I actually believe Patek’s brand name recognition and psychological perception of value is what drives the most ambitious men to pursue such a timeless piece, but I also love the marketing style of these watches. If you own a Patek Philippe, you have made it in this world! What do you think? Are Patek’s watches worth the hype? Let me know!

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