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Patek Philippe & Tiffany & Co.

Patek Philippe’s store is commemorating its anniversary next year with the presentation of the Patek 5936G Annual Calendar made especially for the store’s anniversary. This watch was made in conjunction with Tiffany & Co. and Patek Philippe. This watch is a special limited edition because there will only be 100 samples. This exclusive time piece comes with an astonishing case of white gold. The apertures show the month, year, and day, plus there is a display that shows the phases of the moon.

Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. have been working together since 2008. Their first boutique is located in New York’s Fifth Avenue. This boutique display their recent collections as well as some loaned time pieces from their Museum located in Geneva, Switzerland.

These loaned timepieces share the art and history of their partnership. This relationship began in the early 1951 with a shake of hands agreement. It’s a relationship that’s been driven by trust for so many years between these great companies. Their long-term relationship has built a great set of values in this company, making it a great working environment and thanks to this; it has gained the promotion of the topmost standards of perfection.

In 2001, the company celebrated their 150th anniversary of their alliance. They launched the T150 to commemorate the anniversary. This is a unique piece and very important timepiece for the collectors. The T150 is a very rare watch because of its complex look that features the phases of the moon, annual calendar, and a beautiful engraving.

Finally in 2008, Patek Philippe arranged a double-city exhibition. This exhibition was housed the most exquisite and complete work the brand has ever seen. This exposition had a vast repertoire of their most exquisite watches ever shown in a different country than Switzerland.

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