Patek Philippe’s Most Expensive Watch Ever Made – A New Surprise from a Luxury Watch Brand

Patek Philippe’s Most Expensive Watch

The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch is the most complicated mechanism among other fine watches ever made by a human hand. Many years ago, in 1933, Patek Philippe produced a real piece of art, an incredible example of the best luxury watches for a well-known collector of the 20th century, Henry Graves. This timepiece remains the most precious and the most complex gold watch until now.

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The Supercomplication watch possesses 24 complications and 900 details. It took the company eight years to manufacture this gorgeous timepiece. Later, the company presented an even more complicated sample of Patek Philippe luxury watches with the ‘89 Caliber. It possessed 33 complications. The Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch by Patek Philippe was made of 13k gold and features a perpetual calendar with moon phases, indications for sunset and sunrise time, star time, and a gorgeous night sky of New York, if one looks out from the window. It was an unprecedented experience for Patek Philippe and the whole luxury watchmaking business. Nobody could ever imagine that it could be possible to create this hoard of value.

It is known that Henry Graves, a famous banker from the Big Apple, ordered Patek Philippe watchmakers to create the most complicated timepiece in the whole world in 1925. Eight years after, Patek Philippe accomplished the dream of that rich man. Henry Graves paid $60,000 for it. At that point in time, during the Great Depression, it was a prodigious sum of money equaling $1,000,000 nowadays. This representative of the most expensive luxury watches weighs 1 pound and 3 ounces. Among 900 details, there are 70 jewels, 120 different moving parts, 110 wheels, and 430 screws. The case is 36mm thick, including glass, and the diameter of the timepiece is 74mm. This exclusive Swiss watch shows 23 types of information.

The Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch received the official status of the most expensive and high-end luxury watch brand in the world, when the successors of the banker offered it at the Sotheby’s auction in 1999. The winner of the auction proposed $11 million and required remaining anonymous. However, it became recently known that the famous representative of the Patek Philippe luxury watches family comes back for the auction this fall, on November 14, 2014. The Sotheby’s auction will be held in Geneva. The price expected to be paid for this unique and famous pocket watch is expected to be not less than $17 million.